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Jean C. Baudet

My philosophy based on the history of science

1 Septembre 2011 , Rédigé par jeanbaudet.over-blog.com


Approaching the end of that tragic comedy which is my life, I have to pack my luggage, to fold my shirts, and to sort my very ideas. I have to summarize my work, although it is not at all achieved. I have initiated my reflection in 1968. I was, at that moment, a young professor in philosophy, and I had the banal opinion that we have to begin with the great “epistemological” question.


This was the reason why I devoted a large part of my professional life to the history of the science (Gaston Bachelard, George Sarton, and also Michel Foucault) and to the history of the religions (Mircea Eliade), i.e. the history of the “non-science”. During the year 1978, I made the discovery of the real meaning of technology (Bertrand Gille, Melvin Kranzberg), and I was building the concept of STI (Science-Technology-Industry).


The circumstances of my life were not always favorable to deep meditation and to publish, but I was able to write some texts, and my bibliography contains 20 books and some 800 articles.


I finish my existence by trying - after so many others - to determine if the existence possesses another value than that to have been.

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